WATCH: SNL Calls Hillary A ‘STONE COLD BITCH’ In Hilarious Sketch

Help us out here. The Left can call her that and it’s funny. But when a Republican does it’s sexist?

Anyway, here’s the clip.

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The thing that makes jokes funny is the glimmer of truth in them. She actually lives up to the title.

We weighed on this before. Bitch is a title to be proud of … when it suits you. It’s proof of sexism when you can get some mileage out of that.

How you can be a ‘powerful’ and ‘indomitable’ ‘victim’ is anybody’s guess. You probably need a degree in women’s gender studies to ‘understand’ it.

Here’s the full video:

And here is OUR take on the Is Hillary A Bitch issue.

What do you think. Is SNL funny? Or are they part of the ‘patriarchy’?

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