WATCH: SNL Calls Hillary A ‘STONE COLD BITCH’ In Hilarious Sketch

Published on October 23, 2016

Help us out here. The Left can call her that and it’s funny. But when a Republican does it’s sexist?

Anyway, here’s the clip.

The thing that makes jokes funny is the glimmer of truth in them. She actually lives up to the title.

We weighed on this before. Bitch is a title to be proud of … when it suits you. It’s proof of sexism when you can get some mileage out of that.

How you can be a ‘powerful’ and ‘indomitable’ ‘victim’ is anybody’s guess. You probably need a degree in women’s gender studies to ‘understand’ it.

Here’s the full video:

And here is OUR take on the Is Hillary A Bitch issue.

What do you think. Is SNL funny? Or are they part of the ‘patriarchy’?

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