WHAT A DUMBASS: Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Denounces ‘WIKIPEDIA’ On Live TV – (WATCH)

Published on October 22, 2016

Because sometimes repeating the assigned narrative gets so very HARD. Especially when you are Sheila Jackson Lee.

Wikipedia? *snicker*

Did she maybe mean ‘Wikileaks’?


Except for the minor fact that a former Ambassador debunked that whole Russian involvement thing. Unless you are actually calling a former Ambassador part of the Right-Wing-Russian Conspiracy? (Check it out. It’s a really great read!)

This isn’t the first time she’s raised eyebrows with fantastic gaffes.

Remember the time she told us the Constitution was 400 years old… oops.

“I stand here as a freed slave!”

(Uh… Maybe she means one or more of her forefathers were slaves? Or else does she remember when Lincoln gave her her freedom?)

Then there was that time she talked about that Manned Mars mission we had.

At least she didn’t talk about capsizing Guam.

Maybe nobody told them never to go ‘full retard’

And Democrats try to tell us WE are stupid. Yikes.

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