VIDEO: Black Singer DISRESPECTS National Anthem At Miami Heat Game

Published on October 22, 2016

Now that NFL is starting to tank, will the NBA be the next target?

A woman performing the national anthem before an NBA preseason game in Miami on Friday night did so while kneeling at midcourt, and opening her jacket to show a shirt with the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’.

The singer was identified by the Heat as Denasia Lawrence. It was unclear if she remained in the arena after the performance, and messages left for her were not immediately returned.

Heat players and coaches stood side-by-side for the anthem, all with their arms linked as has been their custom during the preseason.

Many had their heads down as Lawrence sang, and the team released a statement saying it had no advance knowledge that she planned to kneel. — DailyMail

We’ve already seen the ratings collapse that the NFL ‘taking a knee’ trend has led to… will this spread to the NBA? Or will they hold the line in this?

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