HEY, GOVERNMENT: Remember When You LIKED Business?

Published on October 27, 2016

by Thomas Victor
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Government should be incentivizing small business and their creation of jobs! These not only provide more taxes but also help to pour money into our economy by virtue of spending.

In fact, government should be rewarding small business owners for risking their money to provide services and products for the citizenry.

They should be promoting and offering tax breaks and incentives to continue in spurring the growth of America’s engine, the small businesses.

For the very same reasons on a much larger scale, government should stop criticizing and ridiculing large corporations and the wealthy, simply because they are in the top 1%. It is intellectually dishonest to claim the wealthy do not pay their fair share, in fact it is slander!

Simple math will tell you that a larger percentage, in a higher tax bracket of a much larger dollar amount, is a whole lot more money versus a smaller percentage of a much lesser dollar amount.

Seems the problem may actually be with our government? They are well aware of all the tax loopholes, which very well could be in place for themselves and their elite class while they castigate and blame corporate America and the wealthy and promote their character assassinations.

It is time to wipe out our elite class of politicians and the corruption in Washington, DC and vote a real champion into office. A real American who not only represents, but will fight for the will of the American people. A president who will act as an honest broker to BETTER AMERICA. A guy who really isn’t for Republicans or Democrats. He so clearly is in the middle and for all the people.

TRUMP is that man!

photo credit: timetrax23 going out of business via photopin (license)

Thomas Victor is a business owner, husband and father of three.

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