IMPORTANT: If You Want To CHANGE Your Vote – Here’s WHERE & HOW You Can Do It

You’ve cast your early ballot and are feeling buyer’s remorse… now what?
Here’s what you can do.

Let’s say you just learned that your candidate was not QUITE what you thought, and you want a do-over. Can you do that? The answer is … ‘maybe’.

That will depend on where you live.

Here is a report on who can and how:

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Fox News says you can change your early or absentee vote in at least eight states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Louisiana, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Check with your local election officials. Here’s a searchable directory. However, the Louisiana Secretary of State said the Fox News account was not accurate regarding Louisiana.

In a few other states, it wasn’t clear, so there could be more, said Fox News’ Trace Gallagher. According to Fox and Gallagher, in Minnesota, Hawaii and Connecticut, you have until November 1 to change your early vote. In Pennsylvania, you can cancel your ballot any time. In New York, you can request a new absentee ballot up until the day before the election, added Gallagher. In Wisconsin, you can change your vote three times. — Heavy

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