LMAO: Google ‘PATHOLOGICAL LYING’ And See What Pops Up!

Published on October 31, 2016

Her REALLY good friends at Google have since ‘corrected’ the algorithm. But for about an hour, this gem slipped by.

That Google is in Hillary’s pocket is no surprise. ClashDaily has reported such news long before now.

Usually, Google is pretty good at having their browser ‘shape’ the political narrative.

For example, a recent news story provides screenshots comparing the exact same autocomplete search in three different browsers. Biased? Judge for yourself.

But for all their careful manicuring of the news, this IS the internet. They can’t catch it all.

And for about an hour… something slipped past their diligent defense of Hillary. Oops.

According to the Washington Times:

For more than an hour as of approximately 11:50 p.m. Sunday, a Google search for the terms “pathological lying” was producing a picture of Mrs. Clinton.

The picture appears as the illustration for what Google calls a special “featured snippet block” at the top of the page. The snippet quotes from, and includes a link to, the Wikipedia article for “pathological lying.”

By early Monday morning, the image had been removed from the Google search.

As for Wiki itself?

ClashDaily can confirm that … as of the writing of this article… there is no picture of Hillary in that enter. But…

The edit logs HAVE been VERY busy lately. Probably people from both sides jockeying for control over the site. Here’s a look at the changes over the last few days.


So… as of this instant? You can’t find that picture on either Google or Wiki. But could you for at least a little while?


According to the Washington Times? You could for about an hour. Those edit logs make this a plausible story.

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