LMAO: Amy Schumer BASHES Trump During Standup Routine – The Crowd RETALIATES!

Published on October 17, 2016

Audiences are sick of celebrities mocking their politics. And this time, they did something about it.

We’re not sure why folks walked into an Amy Schumer show in the first place, but at least these ones got some sense and walked out.

The Tampa Bay Times reported there was “loud booing from a vocal, but small minority” at the Amalie Arena, which started about halfway through the show when Ms. Schumer, an outspoken liberal, decided to get political.

At one point, the comedian invited a Trump supporter to join her onstage. Dave, who described himself as a RINO (Republican In Name Only), explained that he was voting for Mr. Trump because he didn’t trust the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“We’re not talking about why you don’t like Hillary, we’re talking about why you like Trump,” Ms. Schumer interjected.
Dave explained that he trusted Mr. Trump on the issue of national security.

“Do you get worried at all with how impulsive he is that he gets so fired up from ‘Saturday Night Live’ doing a skit on him,” Ms. Schumer asked. “Do you worry he’ll be impulsive and get us in a lot of [expletive] trouble we can’t get out of?”

“I’m not really voting for Trump, I’m voting against Hillary,” Dave reiterated.

“OK, you can go sit down,” Ms. Schumer responded dismissively.

After Dave left the stage, the comedian said she couldn’t understand how someone who didn’t “seem like a psychopath” could vote for that “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”


Comedy is in free-fall. What used to be about clever observations about the world, or human interactions, has devolved into raging against an agreed (usually political) enemy.

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