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WOW: Football Fans REALLY Hate Kaepernick – Look At These T-SHIRTS!

It’s a good thing that each team only plays 16 games. There are 11 more games for Kaepernick to protest the anthem. It’s gonna be a LOOOONG haul, the fans are NOT amused.

Welcome back as a starter, Kaepernick.

…one of the T-shirts has an image of Kaepernick with a rifle sight on him. The text says “Wanted” above the photo and “Notorious Disgrace to America” below it.

Elsewhere outside the stadium, one group of fans were hitting a dummy wearing a Kaepernick jersey and an afro wig. Per Klemko, one fan yelled, “Tackle the Muslim.”

None of this behavior traces to the Bills organization, and it won’t be a surprise if similar incidents occur at other 49ers road games, if Kaepernick continues to start.
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Check out the shirts:


Well, we can reasonably rule out Buffalo as an option when Kaepernick leaves San Francisco.

Which team is willing to take the risk on Kaepernick, ‘Social Justice Warrior’?

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