LMAO: Hannity Publicly SLAMS Megyn Kelly – Is Sean Right Or Ridiculous?

Published on October 6, 2016

Nerves and tempers are starting to fray as the Campaigns grind on toward November. It’s showing up in sniping between high-ranking personalities.

Conservative pundit Sean Hannity leveled what he might consider the worst insult imaginable at anchor Megyn Kelly in a tweet Wednesday night, which said she “clearly” supports Hillary Clinton.

The tweet was apparently in response to Kelly comments earlier in the evening on The Kelly File when she accused both presidential candidates of avoiding tough interviews.

“They’re both in their own version of a presidential protection program,” Kelly said. She said Clinton makes sure “she is not in a place where she feels uncomfortable or anything unexpected could come at her, which is why she sat for a half an hour with Mary J. Blige, the singer, which is why she did Entertainment Tonight this evening.”

But, Kelly didn’t stop there. “And Donald Trump, with all due respect to my friend at 10 o’clock, will go on Hannity, and pretty much only Hannity, and will not venture out to the unsafe spaces these days, which doesn’t exactly extend the tent.”

He responded with:

An observer weighed in:

Part of the context here had to do with Hillary getting kid glove treatment by Steve Harvey, by apparently having had questions given to her ahead of time:

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