LMAO: Michelle HATES Trump’s Language But Not These DISGUSTING Rappers

Published on October 15, 2016

Michelle’s been ‘shaken to her core’ by the Trump tape, but has no problem bringing rappers to perform at the White House.


ClashDaily covered the hypocrisy the Obamas display inviting ‘Cocks not Glocks’ to the White House.

Lately, in social media, there have been a LOT of people saying, ‘You can’t compare an artist’s lyrics to the offensive things Trump said! Trump has advocated the sexual assault of women!’

Aaand rappers advocate treating women as prostitutes… or worse.

Rape, Gang-rape, drugging and beating women are normal in rap.

But, that’s ‘artistic’.

You never know, this could be Michelle’s playlist.

And we’ve seen the evidence of what a positive role model Beyonce has been to Malia Obama.

So, stop with the mock outrage, Michelle.

You’re sending mixed messages.

You can’t be ‘shaken to your core’ by the Trump tape and twerk to misogynistic Hip-Hop songs.

Or is it only white men that have to show women respect?

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