HILARIOUS: Did Obama Just MOTIVATE People To Vote AGAINST Hillary?

Is he sabotaging her? Is he that arrogant? Or is he just THAT politically tone-deaf?

Who can tell?

What is Rule 1 when trying to cobble together a ‘big tent’?

Attack the candidate, but never alienate the voter.

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Swamp of Crazy. Right.

But this is — to use language Obama would understand — par for the course.

Look at the obvious anti-religious biases.

Look at the ‘basket of deplorables’ statements. (And the half-assed apology she gave afterward.)

Look at Obama’s own ‘bitter clingers’ statements.

They think they can win this the same way they passed Obamacare.

Not by seeking the broad support of Americans generally. But by finding enough people who will buy into their agenda, by ballot-stuffing, by media manipulation, and by endlessly ingratiating themselves to big rollers with deep pockets.

Big rollers (Soros, etc) who, naturally, do this out of the goodness of their hearts, for no personal gain. At all. Of course.

(Does anyone know why Bill Clinton would get a $1 Million Dollar birthday gift for a 5 minute meeting? Even though it is known that the same people prop up Islamic Radicals?)

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