#WUSSIFICATION: ‘Expert’ Says, ‘Give Muslim Migrants Their Own City To PREVENT Radicalization’

Published on October 29, 2016

Yeah right. Is he willing to give up HIS city? Or live in it under ‘foreign’ laws?

Germany once boasted some of the finest examples of culture and higher education. Now, this guy is what passes for deep thinking. It’s sad, really.

Expert on Salafism and Green party member Kurt Edler is proposing a radical idea on how the German government should handle the integration of Syrians and other migrants into German society…

…Speaking on the need for migrants to integrate into Germany he said, “the indigenous people themselves have completely disintegrated. The common word is dominant culture. There is none. There are lifestyle milieus.”

Since there is no common culture, according to Edler, there should be no problem in simply creating what he calls a “New Aleppo” in somewhere like German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s home state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Chancellor is still reeling from the recent regional election loss to the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Of course, he’s willing to live in this proposed utopia, right?

This bright spark hasn’t done the math. These people are not moving en masse seeking sanctuary, to live within a host country graciously living according to the ‘house rules’ of their destination nation. They are intent on displacing the locals, overturning the institutions, and claiming the nation for themselves.

Here’s a little context from their neighbors in France:

Just under 30 percent of France’s 3 to 4 million Muslims reject the country’s secular laws, according to an Ifop poll published by the French weekly Journal du Dimanche.

When asked if they considered the Islamic legal and moral code of sharia to be more important than the French Republic’s laws, 29 percent of respondents answered “yes.”

The poll found that 20 percent of male Muslim respondents and 28 percent of female Muslim respondents were in favor of the face veil, the niqab, and of the burqa which covers both face and body.

Radicalization isn’t the result of some poor person raging that they have no place to belong. Saudi Arabia is Ground Zero (pun not intended) for a virulent strain of Islam. They’re not broke. It isn’t going to go away when they have a place of their own.

Israel was a dispossessed people looking to return to their ancestral home.

Islam has no ‘ancestral home’. It isn’t necessarily defined by ethnicity or language. It is a system of belief that integrates politics and religion.

More chillingly it is a TRIUMPHALIST system of belief. One that believes it is superior to all rivals, and … according to its own rules … authorized to subjugate all rivals, through any means at hand. It has no intention of remaining within ANY borders that are set for it or living according to ANY secular rules set out for it to abide by.

That’s what makes this guy a fool. Can we assume he’s willing to LIVE in this national ghetto he’s planning to set up? Or is he planning to throw this on someone.

What if they decide they want Berlin?

How would we explain this on a level even HE might understand?

There’s a children’s book that gets the idea across:


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