WATCH: Homeless Woman Guards Trump’s Hollywood Star, Look What DEMOCRATS Did To Her!

Watch as the compassionate and tolerant left confronts this homeless woman in front of Trump’s Hollywood star.

The insults and profanities were flying.

It’s apparently just fine to call a homeless woman an effing b*tch if she’s expressing her political views near Trump’s Hollywood star that has been constantly vandalized.

Look at what that Hollywood star has endured:




Dog owners have been laughing it up:





This was done just a few days ago:



This woman put herself in front of the star where there were people were consistently showing their hatred for Trump.

She was there to express her support for him.

Leftist logic:

We need to be compassionate and help homeless people.

The name-calling and taunting she experienced were apparently ok.

The stuff that his star was subjected to was also apparently ok.

What was not ok? This woman supporting Trump.

She just wasn’t the right kind of homeless.

She wasn’t a Democrat.

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