WUSSIFIED: Guess Who Just UNANIMOUSLY Endorsed October As ‘Islamic Heritage Month’

Published on October 8, 2016

None of those ‘amazing makeover’ shows can even TOUCH what the PR teams have done for Islam since 9/11.

They went from the violent attackers levelling the Twin Towers and hitting the Pentagon, to being the latest in a parade of special status victim classes with their very own ‘phobia’.

One Canadian Province — which, in response to public outrage in 2005, reversed its plans to allow Sharia courts to have full legal legitimacy — has now set aside October as ‘Islamic Heritage Month’.


His announcement comes after hundreds of demonstrators around the world this week protested a proposal to let Ontario residents use Islamic law for settling family disputes.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was reacting to a recommendation, by former NDP attorney general Marion Boyd, to allow Muslims to establish Shariah-based tribunals similar to Jewish and Catholic arbitration bodies

“We will not tolerate the interference of religion in our justice system,” said Homa Arjomand, who organized a protest in Toronto that drew hundreds of people Thursday.



October will now officially be recognized as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario after the legislature unanimously passed an act Thursday.

It began as an NDP private members’ bill, and party leader Andrea Horwath says it’s an opportunity to celebrate and learn about the history of Islamic culture.

Horwath says she also hopes it’s also a step toward eliminating Islamophobia, noting that in her city of Hamilton, a fire was set at a mosque recently.

The Star

Here’s the ironic part. This Provincial government, which is OPENLY hostile to traditional Christian traditions and values, has, as it’s elected leader, a Lesbian.

WE in the West make room for, and celebrtate the diversity of other lands, religions and cultures, and now OPENLY CELEBRATE a religion that actively persues the death penalty for the crime of homosexuality.

Maybe what elitists write off as a ‘fear’ of Islam could be better described as a rejection of some of their key IDEAS.

This isn’t a Right vs. Left thing. Bill Maher is no Conservative, but he ‘gets’ that not everything labelled ‘islamophobia’ is actually ‘intolerance’.

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