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QUESTION: Trump Says ‘We’re WINNING’ And ‘The Polls Are PHONY’ – Do YOU Believe That?

Do you trust the Polls? Trump doesn’t, and is pretty vocal about it. He has a pretty compelling reason to NOT trust the polls…

Look at the crowds he’s still drawing.

A defiant Donald Trump blamed his campaign struggles on ‘phony polls’ from the ‘disgusting’ media on Monday, fighting to energize his most loyal supporters as his path to the presidency shrinks.

With just 14 days until the election, the Republican nominee campaigned in battleground Florida as his team conceded publicly as well as privately that crucial Pennsylvania may be slipping away to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

That would leave him only a razor-thin pathway to the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House on November 8.

…’I believe we’re actually winning,’ Trump declared during a round table discussion with farmers gathered next to a local pumpkin patch.

A day after suggesting the First Amendment to the Constitution may give journalists too much freedom, he insisted that the media are promoting biased polls to discourage his supporters from voting.

‘The media isn’t just against me. They’re against all of you,’ Trump told cheering supporters later in St. Augustine. ‘They’re against what we represent.’
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Trump is still drawing MASSIVE crowds.

Does this look like a dying campaign?

Is it over for Trump… or for Hillary?

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