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VIRAL: Computer Programmer CONFESSES He Coded Computers to RIG Elections (VIDEO)

You know how ‘the Media’ keeps saying Election rigging never happens? Do they understand what the word ‘never’ means?

It means ‘not ever’.

[Hey, Media! There’s this thing called a dictionary. It can come in handy when you are writing articles. They even have them online now, too. You’re welcome.]

Maybe we need to rethink the computerized voting model…

This guy confesses to creating the program to ‘rig’ the election.

But it’s rigging it in an undetectable way, and it would make the race close.

Trump took a lot of heat for the ‘unprecedented’ statement that he wouldn’t immediately concede, but here is evidence that he was right in saying it’s rigged.

If the race is 51-49, should Trump wait to concede like Al Gore did?

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