QUESTION: If Trump Wins Should He Grant Assange Asylum & HERO Status?

Published on October 28, 2016

Is Assange the ultimate ‘whistleblower’? And should he be treated as such?

The Left LOVED Julian Assange when he was digging up stories that incriminated a REPUBLICAN incumbent. Now that one of their OWN is in the White House, suddenly Assange is a Russian shill.

You can’t have it both ways.

Think about the whistleblower laws we have today. Someone within an organization is shielded from the exposed person’s recriminations if they expose wrongdoing by someone higher up the chain.

Think about what Assange has been digging up with the subversion of the American political process. He has been exposing how powerful people have been conspiring together to bypass the one check and balance that stands between America and tyranny — The Consent of The Governed.

With the private servers, Clinton and Co. have avoided public accountability. When documents were subpoenaed, they were destroyed. So were the machines that held them. This was a deliberate move to shield their actions from public accountability. The same public that employ her. Would YOUR boss forgive such behavior?

We see the DNC tilting the Primaries in Hillary’s favor. The DNC chair had to resign over it… only to be snapped up by Hillary, who REWARDS rather than punishing such dishonesty.

We see secret communications between news networks (or at a minimum, plants within them) and the Clinton campaign giving her an unnatural edge. They were also actively trying to shape which of their opponents got adequate news coverage, and a ‘bump’ so they could face an opponent they felt they could beat.

We see the connections between the Clinton Foundation and government access. ‘Pay for play’.

We see illegal coordination between Clinton campaign organizers and SuperPacs.

We have a better idea of exactly what was happening in Benghazi before everything there went all to Hell.

None of these were being exposed by traditional media. In fact… traditional media outlets tried to axe these stories. In fact, it took overwhelming interest in these stories to shame news networks into even addressing these stories (beyond repeating Liberal talking points about ‘theft’ and Russians… despite the fact that these same media outlets never used such descriptors of ILLEGAL procuring and printing of Donald Trump’s tax records).

WikiLeaks has played the unlikely role of stepping in and filling the vacuum left by our politicized news outlets.

It exposed the sorts of information that once upon a time would be dug up by investigative journalists. It gives Citizens a chance to make an honest assessment of Hillary’s time in office. To let citizens weigh that service and decide whether or not to reward it with a higher office.

There used to be a time when journalists were doing that. But right now they’re too busy kissing Hillary’s ass and hoping for the crumbs that fall from her table.

Hillary has contemplated hitting Julian Assange with a drone strike. If that isn’t evidence of someone being drunk with power, what is?

James Woods summed it up well:

If he has done the American citizen a favor that preserves the democratic process against elitist corruption, should that be rewarded?

Share if Assange is EXACTLY the exposure this corrupt process needed.