IT’S RIGGED: Hillary Supporter BRAGS On Facebook About Voting SEVERAL Times

Published on October 28, 2016

Here’s example number 4,631,883 of that non-existent voter fraud.

And THIS is why voter ID is NOT ‘voter suppression’. What IS voter suppression is if you do something to the vote totals to cheapen the value of someone else’s vote. In THIS instance, someone is actually STEALING someone else’s franchise by pretending to Be that person. NO ID necessary!

And if the poor shmuck actually shows up at the polls? Who gets accused of voter fraud should anyone investigate? Not Robert Dougherty… no, no, no, because he was voting under someone else’s name. The poor sap whose vote he stole will show up as voting twice.

Here are some screen shots. (Courtesy Gateway Pundit)


“give you a sticker every time you vote! No ID required!”

Notice how many people who think voter fraud is ok generally support the same party?


I voted for you!

How would Robert feel if someone else had voted on HIS behalf? Maybe voting for Trump? And if someone investigated, and either Robert was turned away, or prosecuted for Fraud?

That’s what he is doing to OTHER people.

But Democrats don’t speak of individuals, and their rights. They speak of groups. Groups that might vote for them.

Iraq has more secure protection against this fraud than America does.

And so does South Africa, remember?