‘SAINT SCHWARZENEGGER’: Chides Trump And Conveniently FORGETS He’s A NOTORIOUS Horn Dog

Published on October 10, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger has publicly responded to the Trump tape. He may be re-thinking that public proclamation by now.

Except for channels where his video-game commercials are ubiquitous, or ‘get to the choppa’ memes, you might easily have lost track of ‘Ah-nald’ the Governator.

Which is fine. But, in response to the bombshell tape that was leaked against Trump on Saturday, many people felt the need to say something publicly. To denounce him.

It’s called ‘virtue signalling‘.

‘The media’s devouring someone? Quick! To the Moral High Ground!’

And so he went, along with so many others, to proclaim to the world that He — too — was fit to denounce the One with the Scarlet Letter.

Only one problem with that moral high ground.

He doesn’t have any.

Schwarzenegger should have stayed out of this fight. He’s not exactly a paragon of virtue. He had an affair with his Guatemalan housekeeper and she had a child of his… within a month of his wife, Maria, giving birth to their youngest. He knew about the child for the better part of a decade before telling wifey. A divorce ensued. Glass houses and all that.

And it wasn’t just the housekeeper… Arnold was accused of groping multiple women over a period of time. Six women on his movie sets all came forward against him. There are photos folks… ones that I won’t post here. Yep, I’m disgusted by Trump… but I’m also sickened by what Schwarzenegger did to his wife. Doesn’t anyone have morals, principles and character anymore? Evidently not. — Right Wing News

That, and he’s on record saying some really creepy things himself:

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