TRUMP: ‘After November 8th the Mainstream Media Will Die’ – Do YOU Agree? (VIDEO)

The ‘presstitutes’ will have only themselves to blame.

Right now, the mainstream media is being propped up by the Election. Everyone wants their news fix. It’s a licence for them to print money.

But eventually the election will end, a winner will be decided.

And when it does? And the public stops needing that fix?

Trump makes the great point. They are given the choice between ‘good television that could hurt their political narrative’ or ‘preserving their narrative while putting out a boring product’.

Every time, they choose the narrative over the entertainment. He gives specifics.

His prediction? The public will stop caring about news networks, and the ratings will plummet.

Who will the presstitutes blame when that happens? Who cares. Nobody will hear them.

Share if we’re watching the MSM slowly committing suicide.

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