QUESTION: Should The FBI Release INCRIMINATING Emails Or Just Let The Witch SWEAT?

Published on October 30, 2016

People are taking hard stances on both sides of this issue. Which side do YOU land on?


One side is DEMANDING that Comey and company ‘put up or shut up’. That’s the actual line they are using.

They are insisting The FBI come forward with more concrete information about what — exactly — prompted him to bring the email problem back into the public conversation. Hillary supporters, in particular, take this view, but Trump supporters, too, are champing at the bit hoping this will be the final nail in her coffin.

The other camp are quick to point out that it would be a violation of FBI policy to give details about an investigation while in process. Especially considering there are allegedly tens of thousands of emails that will need to be sorted through.

Not to mention the crap the FBI THEMSELVES would be in if they released the emails, only to find that there was classified information in what they released.

This side will be glad to remind people that this situation was entirely avoidable if… you know… Hillary hadn’t violated the law in her handling of security in the first place.

Which team are you on?

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