TRUMP THE PROPHET: Look What Trump Predicted MONTHS Ago About WEINER!

Published on October 29, 2016

Trump called this a LONG time ago. In 2013, he even had some advice for Huma that she probably should have taken.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, James Comey sent a letter to Congress saying that new information was revealed regarding Hillary’s emails because of the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s creepy sexting of a 15-year-old girl.

Donald Trump had predicted that Weiner was a threat to national security and would be the downfall of Huma Abein months ago.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump saw this coming from a mile away, fingering Weiner as a potential national security threat all the way back in August of 2015. “It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world.”

Abedin announced her separation from Weiner after the sexting scandal with the teen was made public.

…One month earlier, Trump said he didn’t like the thought of “Huma going home at night and telling Anthony Weiner all of these secrets.”

Trump was sounding the alarm about Weiner as early September 2013, when he wrote that Huma should “dump the sicko Weiner” because he was “a calamity who is bringing her down with him.”
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Abedin should have listened to Trump in 2013.

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