UNCLE JOE: BIDEN Drops TRUTH BOMB About Hillary That She’ll HATE But You’ll LOVE!

Published on October 8, 2016

This ‘Biden moment’ would be even more awkward for Hillary than that Looooooooong hug he gave her at the airport.

You remember that super-creepy hug? Yeah. More awkward than even THAT.

Biden said, “I know some of you, and some of the people you are trying to convince are not crazy about Hillary. I know that. Okay. I think she has gotten an unfair deal. But the truth of the matter is there is a lot of people—but folks don’t , don’t wake up on November 9 and find out we lost Pennsylvania by 2000 votes and say if I only. If I had only taken my neighbor. If I only gone. If I only. If I only. And there has been a lot of elections. Remember Al Gore.”

Sorry, Biden. We remember Al Gore. And Al Franken, actually. And how numbers at those votes kept changing.

AND the ballot stuffing being done by dead people. AND one after another agency falling in line to carry water for one particular party.

In case you are unaware, ‘Uncle Joe’, a REPUBLIC isn’t supposed to DO that sort of thing. Heck even most Western Monarchies wouldn’t have put up with that sort of thing.

Can you possibly IMAGINE what might be turning even Democratic voters away from supporting ‘your girl’ Hillary?

Take ALL the time you need to contemplate your answer.

So long as you’re busy thinking about that, you can’t do much REAL harm to the country.

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