WATCH: Cop, AFRAID To Use Gun, Thanks To Obama, Gets SAVAGE Beating By Thug

Published on October 8, 2016

CNN Shawn King, BLM and everyone else whipping up rage toward cops? YOU built this. OWN IT.

That goes DOUBLE for you, Barack and Hillary.

Even a child could have told you this day was coming. But leftists will still feign surprise, right?

When the officers stopped and tried to talk to the man about the accident, he attacked them, and started beating the female officer, slamming her head against the pavement until she lost consciousness. The attack went on for several minutes, as the officer’s partner tried to get him off her, and hit the man with a taser and pepper spray. A third officer assisted in arresting the man. All three officers incurred injuries during the struggle and were taken to Lutheran General Hospital.

The man who attacked the officers was 28 years old, under the influence of drugs, and has a lengthy criminal record, including three firearms arrests and one conviction as well as four other arrests where he was resisting police, fleeing or both.

The Chicago Tribune said police superintendent Eddie Johnson visited with the female officer, who is a 17-year veteran of the Chicago police force. She told Johnson she was afraid to use her gun, even though she knew she should, for fear of a backlash against her family or the police department.



She was so afraid of punitive action for making the wrong call that she FAILED to protect her OWN safety. She’s been hospitalized as a result.

CNN — for all their deliberate lies, corrupting stories to frame innocent cops as malicious monsters OUGHT to cover her medical expenses. It IS, after all, the fear of their media spotlight that kept her from drawing her firearm.

And a lady cop took a needless beating because of it. You heartless bastards.

Here is a clip of the confrontation with the suspect:

She wasn’t the only one.

TWO more cops were injured when her partner was capturing the suspects.

If you are in the media, Watch the clips.

READ the following words.

Etch them into your brain.

Tattoo them on your arm, if need be.

NEVER forget the power media lies can hold over ordinary citizens with no power to defend against them.

“As I was at the hospital last night, visiting with her, she looked at me and said she thought she was gonna die, and she knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news,” Johnson said.

“This officer could (have) lost her life last night,” the superintendent said. “She’s hospitalized right now, but she still has the spirit and the bravery that these officers and firefighters display every day — every day. We have to change the narrative of the law enforcement across this country.”

She went to the hospital because she ‘didn’t want to go viral’.

The next time you report a story, demonizing cops, REMEMBER her STORY.

Make damned sure you get the details right first.

Share if this anti-cop witchunt has gone too far.