VOTE TRUMP: Here Is The SINGLE BEST Reason Why YOU Should

Written by Teri O'Brien on October 4, 2016

There are dozens of great reasons to vote for Donald J. Trump, of course. Some of them are serious, substantive public policy reasons like his vow to deport the millions of criminal illegal aliens currently running lose in the United States. No doubt at least some of them are at this very moment weaving on our highways in a drunken stupor, seconds away from inflicting misery on our fellow citizens. There is his opposition to the insane sanctuary city (and county) policy, which our open-borders loving elites tell us is critical to effective law enforcement, which would come as a major shock to the families of Kate Steinle, Grant Ronnebeck, and other participants in the Remembrance Project, whose loved ones were murdered by illegal aliens. There is the all-important issue of economic growth, and the Obama economy suffocated by taxes and regulation, leading to an oversupply of those basement-dwelling baristas that Hillary obviously so disdains, wondering how they will pay off a six-figure debt for an essential degree in Twentieth Century Feminist Dance Theory. I have not forgotten the 2nd Amendment and the Supreme Court, which are critical to preserving the liberty so precious to the Founding Fathers, which generations have fought to preserve.

And then there’s that woman he’s running against …

Mr. Trump is correct. This election is our last chance to preserve the country that we grew up in, and to begin to undo the punishment that President Payback has meted out on evil, racist Amerika. It is YUGE.

Those are all good reasons, but you know what’s better? Sticking it in the ear of the passel of corrupt, brazenly unethical, leftwing liars who laughingly call themselves “journalists.” Yes, I know that you know that the traditional, Jurassic media is biased. We have all known that since they hounded Richard Nixon from office 40+ years ago over the supposedly horrific crimes collectively dubbed “Watergate,” which at the end of the day were more about the Democrats’ desire to capitulate to the communists in Vietnam and their hatred of the man who exposed Alger Hiss. (Millennials, ask your grandparents.) Liberal media bias is a fact of life, and I know I’m not giving you a news bulletin when I mention it.

I’m also sure, though, that you have noticed that the level of derangement exhibited by our media friends has escalated beyond what even we could have imagined. We thought they were unhinged when they wrote stories about Mitt Romney in prep school allegedly bullying a classmate or mistreating his dog on a family vacation, decades-old events that didn’t seem obviously connected to his ability to be a good president. This year, though, they have really outdone themselves.

Just this week on CNN, now that they have, perhaps only temporarily, moved on from their obsession with a porky beauty pageant winner from twenty years ago—you would have thought this chick was a missing airliner, for Pete’s sake—to the illegally obtained pages, 3 to be precise, of Donald Trump’s 1995 state tax returns, they have their art department working overtime to create gigantic backdrops that scream “Trump Tax Bombshell,” and similar alarmist slogans. The “bombshell” of course is the revelation that Donald Trump reported a $916 million loss, leading the New York Times to state that he “may have” or “could have” not paid any taxes for the next 18 years. And I could have just had miniature unicorns fly out of my ears. Can you say I didn’t? Or, perhaps a more interesting thought, Bill Clinton could have the bodies of missing young women hidden in his stabbin’ cabin above his presidential library in Little Rock. I don’t have any evidence of that, of course, but he MAY HAVE and he COULD HAVE, right? I haven’t been inside, so I don’t know, just as the New York Times doesn’t know whether Donald Trump paid any taxes for any year after 1995. What if he made $1 billion dollars the following year, wiping out the loss carry forward in one fell swoop? Hello, Alisyn Camarota?

Then there is the New York Times columnist, some person named Roger Cohen, who no doubt is admired greatly by his peeps on the upper West side of Manhattan, but who most Americans wouldn’t know from a load of hay, or more appropriately a load of what I will politely call fertilizer. Of Donald Trump, on October 4, 2016, he writes

Donald Trump is a thug. He’s a thug who talks gibberish, and lies, and cheats, and has issues, to put it mildly, with women. He’s lazy and limited and he has an attention span of a nanosecond. He’s a “gene believer” who thinks he has “great genes” and considers the German blood, of which he is proud, “great stuff.” Mexicans and Muslims, by contrast, don’t make the cut.

Lazy? Seriously? Most people, even those who despise him, grudgingly admit that he has an energy level that the Tasmanian Devil would admire. Lies? Mr. Cohen, you are supporting Hillary Clinton, right? Perhaps you might want to revisit that problem you have with lying. You could do so while watching Hillary’s arrival in Bosnia under sniper fire. There is video of that, I hear, except that the “sniper fire” was a young girl with flowers. Or if you want something more substantial, check out her lies while testifying before Congress. Issues with women? You mean like Juanita Broaderrick?

It’s official. Journalism, at least as practiced by last century media, is dead.

I could go on, but there’s no need. You get the point. The best reason to vote for Donald Trump, and to celebrate when he is elected, is to see the look on the pusses of these clueless, dishonest, pompous frauds when that happens. Wolf Blitzer’s “situation” will not be the usual room, but a padded cell where he rocks back and forth, wearing a strait jacket, mumbling something about email, and wiping with a cloth. The rest of the CNN crew will be absent, off on a three-day bender, except for a tearful Chris Cuomo, who will be even more confused than when he visited Cuba and wondered how long it would be before Communism lifts everyone up. Meanwhile, over at MS-NBC…never mind. They will turn off the transmitter.

And we get to watch. Stay strong, my fellow deplorable.

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