WATCH: Megyn Kelly EXPLODES On Trump – It IMMEDIATELY Blows Up In Her Face

Published on October 4, 2016

Megyn Kelly channels Hillary. Just as angry and twice as obnoxious. It wasn’t pretty.

She unloads on Boris Epshteyn that Trump isn’t a great businessman and that he ‘screwed over’ the ‘little guy’.

“Boris, let’s just skip over the discussion of whether this is legal,” she said, “because it’s perfectly legal what Trump did. … So let’s just talk about where Hillary seems to be going with the argument, which is, A, what kind of a brilliant businessman loses $900 plus million in a year, and B, what about all the small contractors and stockholders who got completely screwed the year that he lost all that money, and he took advantage of it for years thereafter by not paying any taxes but they were hung out to dry.”

Kelly interrupted, “You’re not answering any of my points. … I’m giving you the opportunity to respond to the argument she was making everywhere today, which was, what kind of a businessman has losses like that, and he may have wound up OK, but he screwed the little guys, the contractors and so on who didn’t get paid and the stockholders who got paid out pennies on the dollar.”

“He didn’t screw anybody,” Epshteyn said, adding that “because [Trump] was able to rebound, he’s employed tens of thousands of people since that time period.”
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The Trump supporters in the Twitterverse respond. In a harsh way:

What Trump did was legal according to the U.S. tax code.

He has expanded his businesses and hired many people. He continues to create jobs in a variety of fields.

Kelly’s overly critical questioning of Trump’s business savvy and her questioning of him paying his ‘fair share’ (though she didn’t state it that way,) only helps Hillary.

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