WATCH: Bill Clinton SLAMS Disastrous Obamacare … AGAIN!

Published on October 27, 2016

Bubba slips up and bashes Obamacare again while stumping for Hillary in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Does he know whose side he SUPPOSED to be on?

Bill did the same thing a few weeks ago during a speech in Michigan.

One of the problems with the law? We can all tick them off, right? The copays, deductibles and premiums are too high, and the drug prices are too high. So what does she say we should do? We should bargain for lower drug prices, the way that government can’t now with Medicare and Medicaid for everybody.

ClashDaily covered the premiums for Obamacare are skyrocketing into the double-digits.

Here are the average increase in premiums in battleground states.

Ohio: 13.12% increase
Florida: 17.40% increase
Pennsylvania: 32.5% increase
Nevada: 11.74% increase
Maine: 21.24% increase
New Hampshire: 12.44% increase
Virginia: 21.68% increase
North Carolina: 24.30% increase
Iowa: 20.46% increase
Michigan: 16.06% increase
Wisconsin: 20.39% increase

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Obama and Michelle are stumping with Hillary.

Hillary is counting on support from the Obama voters.

And the Bernie supporters those entitled Social Justice Warrior/soft-Communist/hipster Millenials.

They LOVE Obama and Obamacare.

Who cares if it costs more?

It’s ‘equitable’ and ‘Progressive’.

This kind of talk might just cost Hillary some votes…

The BIG question is:

If Hillary loses, will she blame Bill?

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