You will watch this and wonder what the hell that was. Then wonder WHY would anyone do that on purpose. YOU CAN’T UNSEE THIS.

Umm, just watch:

Is that some wacky new dance craze?

Do people do this often?

Are you, um… trying to replicate this weird form of massage in China?


The heat apparently creates a warm feeling for the patients and can supposedly help relieve stress and, according to one clinic, everything from depression and diarrhea to indigestion and infertility.

Apparently originating from Tibet, this is now a form of Chinese medicine. It’s like moxibustion, which has been practiced throughout Asia for centuries, but more terrifying looking.

However, website The Nanfang points out that people—perhaps, younger people—online in China appear equally bewildered by the practice, cracking jokes like, “Sir, how well would you like your meat cooked?”

I would like my crotch very far away from open flames, thank you very much.
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We did say Hillary voter, right?

That might be all the reason you need.

… (update: Is there an Anthony Weiner connection?)

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