WATCH: Geraldo ‘DISGUSTED’ Over New FBI Hillary Probe – Is It Because He LOVES Weiner?

Published on October 30, 2016

Is it any wonder Geraldo is upset about Comey’s announcement? It put Weiner back in the news. Could that be too ‘close to home’ for Geraldo?

Did you know they’re BOTH kings of questionable selfies?



Many of you will remember THIS Clashdaily viral post.

Could that be the REAL reason for Geraldo’s outrage?

“This is the biggest cover your ass I have ever seen in modern politics or law enforcement,” Rivera told guest host Eric Bolling. “He was battered by the criticism from O’Reilly and others and now he is responding.”

…“Are you gonna release this now eight days, seven days, six days, five days, four days before an election? Is the director of the FBI really going to determine who the 45th President of the United States is?” he said. “That’s why I’m baffled by this. I’m disgusted by this and it brings me to the point where I feel like abstaining from this election.” — Bizpac Review


Look at that. Geraldo actually feels like ‘abstaining’ from something.

Here are a few samples of the long list of things that would have kept this 11th-hour bombshell from breaking

— Hillary not having a private server. (Thus, no scandal)

— Hillary not destroying emails under subpoena. (Thus, handled long before a run at the Presidency.)

— Huma not using shared computers for sensitive work email.

or… the Obvious one that triggered THIS latest situation:

— Anthony Weiner NOT SEXTING MINORS.

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