WATCH: TX Official, ‘We Are Seeing RECORD BREAKING Voter Turnout in Texas’ – And It’s ALL For …

Published on October 27, 2016

Texas Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller, says that NEW voters are heading to the polls in unprecedented numbers. They know what they want, and it’s THIS candidate for President.

Miller says the surge consists of people that have never registered to vote, or haven’t voted for many elections, so they’re not recorded in the polls.

They’re not Bernie supporters voting for Hillary.

Or Obama supporters voting for Hillary.

They’re not voting for Hillary at all.

They want change and Trump is their choice for change.

Miller predicts a YUGE win for Trump in Texas.

Miller then goes on to explain why the polls are WRONG.

I know for a fact that the polls are off because they always oversample Democrats. Some of them 8, some of them up to 16 percent are oversampling Democrats. They are oversampling women 5 to 8 percent. The Republican vote is underreported, plus there’s no way to sample this extra 20 or 25 percent of new voters that are Trump voters. They’re not Republicans. They’re not Democrats. They’re pragmatists. They’re tired of the status quo and they want change. And they say that the Donald Trump campaign, he’s the change agent.

It looks like Texas voters are choosing to ‘Make America Great Again’!

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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