WIKILEAKS: Podesta Emails FEARED A Comparison of Bill CLINTON To Bill COSBY

Published on October 27, 2016

WikiLeaks released another batch of Podesta emails, and there is one dealing with the uncomfortable questions Hillary may face about Bill’s sexual history…

Political operative Ron Klain in January sent an “urgent” email to Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff warning of possible questions she might face, including how her husband’s sexual indiscretions might compare to disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.

Klain’s insights became public Thursday thanks to the latest dump by WikiLeaks of campaign Chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails.

Klain, who served as chief of staff to Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, wrote that the campaign needed to set aside time to discuss the political questions, which now seem to be really owning the coverage.”

…Cosby’s career and reputation, of course, went up in flames after a steady stream of women came forward to accuse the one-time “America’s Favorite Dad” of drugging them and then sexually assaulting them. A trail of allegations of sexual impropriety — from consensual affairs to forced sex — also has followed Bill Clinton
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Here’s a close-up:

Wouldn’t you love to have these answered?

Thanks, WikiLeaks!

On a side note, those Russians are just brilliant to figure out how to hack into the email of people with top-level security clearance.



Obviously, the Hillary campaign was concerned about Slick Willy’s history being brought into the campaign.

They seemed ok with painting Trump as a sexual predator, though.

Hillary is ok to use whatever means necessary to achieve her goal of becoming the first woman President.

She has shamed and bullied the women that have come forward with allegations about Bill.

Hillary’s camp was concerened with a comparision of Clinton and Cosby.

Now that it’s out there, how are they going to move away from it?

Check out some of the most damning Podesta emails so far:

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