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WORLD WAR III: Would A ‘President Hillary’ TRIGGER One… Look Who Says ‘YES’!

The Networks play her line about how ‘dangerous’ it might be for Trump to have the nuclear codes.. but the REST of the world sees a different story playing out.

Remember… Hillary Clinton is the same woman who is using Putin as a foil to discredit her own wrongdoing. Even her lapdog media couldn’t keep the lid on Wikileaks and Veritas stories forever.

Her habitual ‘us versus them’ stance demonizing EVERY political rival can create real problems on a world stage. It’s not very … Presidential.

The possibility of her ‘temperament’ and ‘policy’ leading to serious conflict with a revitalized Russia is serious enough that foreigners have taken notice.


Look at what FOREIGN reporters (who have NOT yet been corrupted with our inbred favor-swapping so prevalent on the Left side of American politics).

British news sites are not typically friendly to Right Wing American politics. So the following title should be considered far more shocking than if you read the same words on — say — the Drudge Report.

Could Hillary Clinton start a world war? Sure as hell she could – and here’s how

Not America…
Not Trump…
Not even Obama.

‘Hillary Clinton.’
‘Start a World War.’

He makes his case:

Like Donald Trump or not – and I like him no more than, well, Hillary Clinton – there is one thing he might be good for. Peace. A small matter, I know, when set against his serial (alleged) philandering and worse, but worth pondering for a moment. A hideous, but necessary thought experiment runs something like this.

…Something like the Cuba crisis could happen again under President Hilary Clinton; one can see her issuing unenforceable ultimatums on Putin because his proxies have grabbed some bit of territory in the Caucasus most of us haven’t heard of. That is much, much less likely to occur under President Trump. — Independent

Who does Putin think more likely to plunge America into war? See for yourself:

Putin thinks Hillary is ramping up tensions. Why?

To get us to stop reading the latest Wikileaks dump. If we know what’s IN them, we might not grant her that power she so desperately craves.

(Hint: people who crave power that badly cannot be trusted to wield it.)

How SERIOUSLY should we take Russia’s view that Hillary could trigger conflict with Russia?

Well, they did a military ‘readiness test’. It was carried out on a fairly large scale:

It got its own headline and subhead in a different story:

BRACED FOR ARMAGEDDON Terrifying footage shows Russian soldiers prepare for nuclear war during drill involving 40million people
The four-day test saw emergency services practice how to deal with casualties in the event of an atomic strike

‘Kind of a big deal’:

More than 200,000 emergency service staff are believed to have taken part in the drill.

Capital Moscow’s entire population of 12 million would be able to fit into refurbished underground shelters, Russian authorities confirmed.


Guess how ELSE they are preparing for a Nuclear Strike?

With THIS badass piece of hardware.
‘Satan 2’ — with Stealth Tech capable of taking out a targeted land mass the size of France or Texas.

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