WIKILEAKS: Remember Those Speech Transcripts … There’s A REASON Hillary Wanted Them SECRET

Published on October 8, 2016

She tells her BANKING friends her REAL Agenda. The kind of thing she’d never put in a Campaign Promise.

Wikileaks came through. THIS is BIG.

No WONDER Hillary never stops lying. There’s that famous Clintonian relationship with ‘the truth’.

Does THIS make Hillary a deplorable ‘Islamophobe’?

And if she believes it, why does she still support open borders?

What was THAT?

Hemispheric common market… OPEN BORDERS? As in the opposite of secure ones?

May we ask WHY you think this is in the Best interests of America?

Or is it just in the best interests of BillandHillary’s Bottom Line.

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘oath of office’? What EXACTLY does that phrase mean to you?

And how EXACTLY do you believe one might violate said oath.

What evidence would Hillary present to support a claim that she has not already done so?

Especially in light of those close ties she and her campaign manager have with … the RUSSIANS?

Hey CNN! YOU WERE RIGHT! The Russians ARE up to no good… you were just implicating the wrong party! Honest mistake, right?



Isn’t it a coincidence how many of her statements — open borders, for example — just ‘happen’ to line up with that Major Democratic Sugar-Daddy, George Soros?

What an odd coincidence.

Share if Clinton corruption makes Third World despots look honorable by comparison.