BOOM: Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway Has A Message For PROTESTERS (VIDEO)

The first woman to ‘break the glass ceiling’ on running a successful Presidential Campaign has a message for the Anti-Trump protesters. They won’t like it…

On FOX & Friends, Kellyanne Conway spoke about Protesters that ‘can’t accept the Election results’:

“I would focus on the two men at hand, the President and the President-elect, and I think the rapport they built last week — even though they’re political nemeses, I get that — they have a shared love of the country and a shared love of the peaceful transition of power in a democracy which elevated Donald Trump to the presidency,” Conway stated.

“What does that mean?” she then asked. “You hear President Obama trying very earnestly to respect the will of the people.”

“He did it yesterday in his press conference again, where he very clearly said I look at Donald Trump as pragmatic not ideological,” the former pollster explained. “Wow. What a message that should send to the throngs of protesters saying ‘not my president.’”
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Conway continued:

I think that people just can’t accept the election results. To coin a phrase. We were asking the right questions about the wrong campaign and their supporters. So, those who can’t accept the election results ought to listen to people like President Obama, who clearly has accepted them, and is trying to move forward with a new President.

Take that, #NotMyPresident protesters!


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