VIDEO: The MAJORITY of Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested In Portland Did NOT Do This…

Over the course of the last week, 112 Anti-Trump protesters have been arrested in Portland. A whopping 70% of them had THIS in common.

When the list of those taken into custody was compared to voter logs, it showed that 39 of those were registered in the state but hadn’t returned a ballot on Nov. 8. Furthermore, 36 were not even registered to vote in Oregon.



Watch the KGW News Report:

Kevin Grigsby was one of 71 arrested during the Saturday night protest. He said he didn’t do anything wrong, but told KGW he also did not vote.

“I did not (vote) and the reason why is because we know that the electoral college is really what matters the most. And I think that we need to change that because your vote doesn’t matter if you don’t have enough electoral college points.,” said Grigsby.
Read more: KGW Portland


The choice of not casting a vote is itself a vote — for the rest of the country to decide for you.

You made your choice.

You can’t bitch about the people making the ‘wrong’ choice if YOUR choice was the abdication of your responsibility as a citizen.

Here at ClashDaily, we’re really getting concerned about the teaching of Civics to students.

Maybe we should take a couple minutes away from the gender-inclusive ‘My Princess Boy’ curriculum and teach about our system of government.

What a thought!

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