BOOM: Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Clueless Anti-Trump Protester From Rutgers U.

I tip my hat to you, sir!

From Page 1 of the ‘Tucker Carlson Playbook’:

When an idiot leftist comes on your show, engage him. Be polite-ish. Ask questions that lead him to think you actually want to hear his opinion. Then, when he least expects it, slam him with the truth so hard that he’ll be too stunned by it to know his own name.

Watch the graceful dance:

It just gets sad.


Poor Alex Uematsu can’t think of a thing to say in response, so he goes right back to his talking points.

CARLSON: Do you think people have a right to lock their doors? Or do you think they have an obligation to let them in? You’re saying the United States has no right to prevent people who want to come here from coming here. I’m asking, do you have a right to keep people out who want to share your apartment with you?

UEMATSU: I think that’s not really a direct analogy. Obviously, a nation state is very different from an individual.

CARLSON: It belongs to the citizens, so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, wouldn’t you agree? doesn’t a country belong to its citizens?

Then Carlson informs Uematsu that he’s working for ‘Big Business’ to keep wages low!


Uematsu denies this and says that part of their strategy is a massive boycott of key industries.

CARLSON: Well, then it will surprise you that they’re fully on your side with bringing in the low-wage labor thing, because it benefits them, too. So, think about that overnight, Alex.


That was a one-two punch!

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

That was beautiful, just beautiful.

One more time, with feeling:


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