BREAKING: Hillary’s Camp CLAIM Hackers RIGGED Election – Experts Urge Her To Do THIS

Published on November 23, 2016

Whatever happened to Hillary’s obnoxious lecture about Trump accepting the results?

We all remember how she mocked Trump as being somehow anti-democratic-process, right? It was one more argument for why he didn’t have what it took to be Presidential. But now… her supporters are doing EXACTLY what she accused Trump of doing. They are grasping at every possible straw to overturn an unfavorable result.

One group thinks they’ve spotted an irregularity which — if legitimate — could potentially produce a different result in three swing states, and therefore, in the election itself.

At present all the experts have is the suspicious drop in voters in counties with electronic polling – not direct proof of hacker intervention.

There’s also not much time left for the Clinton team to make their decision.

If they want to file a recount in Wisconsin the deadline is Friday. In Pennsylvania they have until Monday. And in Michigan the cut-off is November 30.

Experts would also have to examine the voting machines to see if there was evidence of hacking.

And according to New York magazine, the White House does not want the Clinton team to push for a recount, as it is trying to ensure a smooth transition between the Obama and Trump administrations.

It also emerged today that six Democratic electors have agreed to try to block Donald Trump from securing the presidency with 270 Electoral College votes. —DailyMail

For the record, ClashDaily predicted such a claim last September in our piece:

HACK THE VOTE: DEMS Will ‘Blame PUTIN’ If Trump Wins

We have also put forward more than a few stories that point to vote manipulation in several key states, including a couple of undercover video by James O’Keefe… which, however much liberals denounce them as ‘illegitimate’ are real enough that people have been fired over them.

Where are all those Democrats who called claims of vote tampering paranoid? Has your position suddenly changed?

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