LMAO: Obama HATES This Aspect Of His ‘LEGACY’ But You’ll LOVE It!

Published on November 23, 2016

Obama is ‘awesome’. Just ask him. He’ll tell you. Only one problem with that.

Obama is very proud of his record. He speaks with very solemn and important-sounding tones when offering opinions about his successor.

Which only shows how blind he is to what Americans REALLY think of him.

If you would like to know what Americans think of him, his ‘vision’ for America, his plans to ‘fundamentally transform’ it, and his aggressive ‘social justice’ policies? All you have to do is look at that one KEY way in which he has ‘fundamentally transformed’ America.

See for yourself.

Something very interesting in the Wall Street Journal this morning.
Something very positive about Obama, who has been obsessed with his legacy.
The real Obama legacy he leaves behind is:

A Republican President

Republican Vice President

Republican control of the Senate

Republican control of the House

Republican control of 31 state houses

A majority of Republican governors

=====> 36 of 50! <===== Republican control of a majority of county governments

Republican control of a majority of city government

You might remember Obama saying it would be a personal insult if black voters didn’t support Hillary?


Yeah. America got your message. LOUD AND CLEAR. Remember your ‘don’t wanna give them the keys back’ analogy?

The People have spoken.

Get out of the car. We’re not even driving you home.

Maybe you can arrange ‘green’ transportation for yourself.


Obama: Go back and watch that Jimmy Kimmel mean tweet again. Now look at these numbers, and Trump taking office. And cry yourself to sleep.

Obama. It’s time to face facts. You are a failure. So spectacular a failure that Old Jimmy Carter can go to his grave knowing he isn’t the worst President alive.

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