BUILD THE WALL: Latest Stats Show SPIKE In VIOLENCE Against Border Agents (VIDEO)

Published on November 30, 2016

‘They are the most assaulted federal law enforcement in the United States.’ And those numbers are rising.

It’s being called the ‘hardest job in Federal Law Enforcement’.

On Wednesday, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan testified in front of the Senate Homeland Security Committee regarding the conditions on the southern border with Mexico. —NTKnetwork

“They are the most assaulted federal law enforcement in the United States, more than 7,400 border patrol agents have been assaulted since 2006,” Morgan told the committee. “That rose in FY16 by 20 percent, and year-to-date, we are seeing an increase in assaults of 200 percent from the previous year-to-date. It’s a dangerous job.”

And yet, the Democrats flinch at the very mention of a secure border. As though it hurts someone’s rights.

An UNSECURED border is causing ACTUAL harm to ACTUAL American law enforcement.

And the ‘Sanctuary City’ people don’t care. They’re ‘doubling down‘.

Is it any wonder that Trump gained their union’s endorsement?

It’s legitimately a question of personal safety to them.

As it should be for the rest of us.

Only one question remains. If only ‘good’ people and ‘DREAMers’ come across the Southern Border — and it’s racist to claim otherwise — who or what is causing this 200% rise in Border Control Agents being assaulted year over year, 2016 over 2015?

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