RAP STAR: My Black Friends Left Me to Die… But A White Guy SAVED MY LIFE

Published on November 30, 2016

Warning: if you show this clip to a BLM activist their brain just might explode.

We’re used to the routine by now, aren’t we?

White guys are evil and black people, especially young men, should hate or fear them. The only people young black men can TRULY count on are their buddies.

Yeah, that’s not how it played out in real life in this instance. See Lil Wayne tells a story about when he was 12 years old. He had a gunshot wound. Here’s how everyone on scene reacted to it.

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(h/t Hype News)

Didn’t just Call for the ambulance. DROVE him to the hospital. Went with him to the hospital room. Stayed to make sure he was ok.

Is THAT the story you normally hear?

What about the reaction of his ‘bros’ there in the house with him?

Share if you think most ‘conflict’ between black and white Americans is fanned by people hoping to exploit it.


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