DEAR HOLLYWOOD: When PIERS MORGAN Mocks Your Hysterics … You’re OFFICIALLY ‘Failing At Life’

Published on November 14, 2016

Your beloved Hillary lost. You’re melting down. And PIERS MORGAN is mocking you. See a problem here?

ClashDaily hasn’t often cheered what Piers has to say about politics, but in this column, he’s nailed it.

Look at Hollywood in their collective mourning.

Big, dramatic apocalyptic threats / promises by Hollywood celebs.

Cher was ‘moving to Jupiter’. Others are far more modest… and are just packing up to leave for Canada or Spain. (Until they aren’t.)

Now they are weeping openly about … whatever it is they think has happened. Like a ‘crippling blow to Feminism’. (Considering almost half of women voted against Hillary, that’s a stretch.)

Get a grip, man.

Lady Gaga, the most outraged of all the outraged stars, joined protestors outside Trump Tower in New York, clutching a sign saying ‘Love trumps hate.’

Around her, people were burning and hanging effigies of the new President-elect. A beautiful illustration, right before our eyes, of love trumping hate!

Gaga then urged her Twitter followers to sign a petition demanding the Electoral College cast their votes on December 19 for Hillary Clinton because ‘Mr Trump is unfit to serve. Secretary Clinton won the popular vote and should be President!’

Of course, this would instantly rip up and negate America’s whole long-established election process, thus denying the will of the people who successfully elected Trump.

But why let such trifling details get in the way of a good rabble-rousing, self-interested display of celebrity ‘this is really all about me’ narcissism?

‘THE REVOLUTION IS COMING!’ bellowed Katy Perry, another devout singing Clinton-ite.

He called out one in particular.

My favourite was Chelsea Handler, who broke down and wept on live television in abject misery at the result.

One of the reasons for this despair may have been her pre-election pledge on Live with Kelly and Michael to go and live in Spain if Trump won.

‘So all of these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t….’ she clarified, emphatically, ‘…I WILL leave the country.’

No wriggle room for any ambiguous doubt there, right Chelsea?

Well, unless you’re all mouth and no Hillary pantsuit, which is precisely what you turned out to be.

‘I really, REALLY want to move to Spain right now,’ Ms Handler insisted the day after the election. ‘But…’

There’s always a ‘but’ with these celebrity political promises, isn’t there?
‘…everyone in my office is like “You have a responsibility, you have a voice and you need to use it”.

Hmmm. You mean they’re all terrified they might now lose their jobs, and you suddenly realised you’d also lose your $40 million contract with Netflix and your gated mansion in Bel Air, and have to eat paella for the rest of your life. –DailyMail

The whole article was a helluva read. Check it out.

His closing remarks were pitch-perfect:

You’ll all now be sitting at home licking your millionaire wounds while Ted Nugent rocks out the National Anthem on January 20. A due reward for your arrogance in assuming your pampered, elitist patronage could sway an election.

Or as we all said when the Dixie Chicks had to learn the same lesson: “Shut up and sing.”

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