JAMES WOODS: Tweets These Five AWESOME Things Trump Has ALREADY Accomplished… BEFORE Taking Office!

Published on November 14, 2016

James Woods is a rare breed in Hollywood: he is as aggressively Right-wing as most others are for the other side. His post-election tweets are GOLD!

For example, he tweeted this graphic enumerating the 5 things Trump has ALREADY accomplished since winning the election (which, by our counting already tops Obama’s total):


That’s a pretty good list. Leaders quickly adjusting their American policy based on the reputation of the incoming President.

We’ve seen this happen before, if you remember. Wasn’t it in the closig months of the Carter administration? Obviously, it’s a little early to read too much into it, but an encouraging sign nevertheless.

That was even before Trump got his first phone call from China:

…in his first telephone conversation with President Xi Jinping of China, Mr. Trump, now the president-elect, appeared to set aside those critiques expressed on the campaign trail, vowing that the two nations would have “one of the strongest relationships,” according to a statement released by Mr. Trump’s transition office, Reuters reported.

Mr. Xi, in turn, told Mr. Trump that “facts have shown that cooperation is the only correct choice” for the United States and China, according to Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency.

In the phone call, which took place on Monday Beijing time, the two men agreed to maintain close communications and to meet at an early date. —NY Times

What else has Woods been saying?

Well, there’s this one:

And this one:

(With a little fun at Biden’s expense above it.)

And, who can resist including this one into the mix:

Is it any wonder we can’t help but grin when his tweets come across our feeds? Keep ’em coming Mr. Woods.

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