DEAR TAXPAYER: Should Trump REIN in ‘The Arts’ Cash That Funds Their RADICAL Leftist BS?

Written by K. Walker on November 22, 2016

Conservative ideas aren’t welcome in ‘The Arts’. Does that need to change?

Many progressive ideas have been pushed into the realm of culturally acceptable because the ideology has been pushed by the Arts community.

One of the latest being the transgender-positive movie, ‘The Danish Girl‘.

The Broadway musical, ‘Hamilton‘ has pushed some boundaries by casting ethnic minorities in the roles of the founding fathers. There was even quite a bit of controversy about the ‘Open Audition’ casting call for ‘non-white’ actors.


It’s well-known that the cast of ‘Hamiltontook some time to lecture Mike Pence when he went to see the show with his kids.

If you haven’t yet watched Mike Pence’s amazingly classy response to the snarky, condescending liberal actors, you can see it here.

In today’s America, working class Americans don’t visit “the theater” and I would bet most have never even been to a Broadway show. That is a luxury that they can’t afford.

The ‘Hamilton’ actors live in a different world — a privileged world — where they can afford to be insufferably self-consumed. It is this privileged class that is, even now, fighting to keep a tax provision that allows live-theater backers deductions in a show’s first year.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is the architect of the Broadway’s tax break.

Who pays for Broadway’s tax write-off? Middle-class taxpayers.

Brandon Dixon apparently didn’t get the memo…

…They’ve already condemned us, calling supporters of Donald Trump racists, sexists, misogynists, homophobes, haters, and Islamophobes.That we hate the poor. That we are against inclusion. That we are against equality.

Why? Because our existence threatens the globalist quest for one world government and redistribution of wealth. Because we are still free and they don’t want us to be…

…Friends of Abe — the secret society of Hollywood conservatives — exists because conservative actors have to hide for fear of industry retribution…

…From Broadway to Hollywood and every state, federal, or public-private entity that doles out grant money or tax breaks for artistic endeavors, conservatives are persona non grata.

President-elect Trump has an opportunity to change this, defund the NEA and crack down on industry tax breaks…

…In 2009, the NEA was caught soliciting artists to create works of art that supported the President Obama’s domestic policy agenda. At least seven groups that served on Obama campaign’s Arts Policy Committee received arts funding, including Nancy McCullough, Obama’s law school classmate, who received a $50,000 grant…

…For decades, efforts to abolish or defund the NEA have failed to win congressional support. If we aren’t going to defund the “Hamilton” left, let’s level the funding playing field and give conservative artists and producers a chance to succeed.
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It’s funny how these actors can have such strong convictions, but don’t actually get off their soapbox long enough to vote.

Conservatives that are in the Arts shouldn’t be forced into hiding for fear of damage to their careers.

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