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FINALLY: This Group Will Be Labeled A ‘TERRORIST Organization’ By Trump

Sorry guys, your ‘protected’ status is coming to a crashing halt.

You might remember the recent story about the ‘rights’ group that tweeted a call for America to have her own version of an Arab Spring.

That was CAIR. This is the same group whose ridiculous over-playing of the victim card ClashDaily has documented.

They called attention to a single broken window as a ‘hate’ crime but dismissed the San Bernardino slaughter as ‘America’s Fault’.

Is it racist to call CAIR a terror group? Is it ‘Islamophobic’?

You know that’s the card CAIR will play, right? How do you answer that charge?

UAE called CAIR a terrorist group. So which is it? Are they going to say the United ARAB Emirates is ‘Islamophobic?’ Or have we just exposed the lie for what it is? A stick to beat down anyone so impolite as to ask uncomfortable questions.

Good news! Word is, with Trump in town, we’re no longer afraid of the stigma these special interest groups might throw around.

What’s the worst they will do, call him racist? Been there, done that.

As reported by the Clarion Project, Donald Trump will work to pass legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, said Walid Phares, a foreign policy advisor for the president-elect.

Speaking to the Egyptian news outlet Youm7, Phares said the legislation, which was already approved by the House Judiciary Committee earlier this year and referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was held up due to the Obama administration’s support of the group.

Clarion Project spearheaded a campaign to educate legislators and move the bill forward over the past year. The bill currently has bipartisan support.

In November of 2015, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) introduced the bill, which identifies three Brotherhood entities in the U.S. including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).
“We have to stop pretending that the Brotherhood are not responsible for the terrorism they advocate and finance … We have to see it for what it is: a key international organization dedicated to waging violent jihad” Cruz told the Washington Free Beacon at the time. — National Review

So, instead of being bullied by, and having policy directed by, a Muslim Supremacist group disguised as a ‘rights’ group, under Trump, they will be relegated to their proper position… of criminal associations, and social pariahs.

This can’t happen soon enough.

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