TEAM TRUMP: Gets Set To Kick Some ASS

Published on November 16, 2016

The truth? No, the media never got to it, they were too busy telling you that other story.

Here’s El Rushbo doing the job that the drive-by media refuses to do.

The Trump transition team is not imploding, folks. It is getting set to kick ass. What the media is trying to tell you, apparently there was some movement. Trump decided to get rid of some people, the Chris Christie team, apparently, in the process of putting together a national security team, and Mike Rogers was part of this, and Christie made a mistake, he went out and he was recruiting some lobbyists. Trump has made it plain and been very clear about it, that there aren’t gonna be any lobbyists. He’s not going to have the traditional Washington trappings to his administration.

The way people need to look at this is that Trump is able to make bold decisions at the moment he thinks necessary. He doesn’t languish over them. He doesn’t wring his hands. He makes up his mind and makes the move. Kellyanne Conway was his third campaign manager. He kept going until he got it right. The Trump transition team is not imploding.

..No, he found out people were doing things he didn’t want done and he moved them out and he’s replacing them. What’s imploding is the media. The media is imploding. What’s imploding is Obamacare. What’s imploding is the Democrat Party. What is imploding is Clinton Inc. That’s what’s imploding out there.

Trump won in part because of the media’s hysterical deceit, their hysterical partisanship, their hysterical abandonment of what they claim are their own definitions of their job. The media is a front group for Democrats like environmentalists are a front group for radical leftists. And the reason Trump won is because he’s fighting what is constantly destructive. Donald Trump is fighting and taking on people who are constantly and purposely destructive.

.. What’s that? Oh. Oh, yeah. If Hillary had won, oh, the transition would have been the greatest of all time and Chelsea would be portrayed as brilliant. No question about that. But she didn’t win. –Rush Limbaugh

Oh. And one more thing? Ted Cruz might head up the DOJ.

Wouldn’t THAT have Hillary’s inner circle crapping their pants?

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