HEY, GERALDO: Cubans in Miami, Who LIVED Under Castro, Are GLAD He’s Dead

Published on November 26, 2016

This must be a tough year for Geraldo. First, Hillary loses. Now Fidel Castro is (finally) dead.

Don’t worry Geraldo… Ann Coulter found you a silver lining:

That may take the sting off the video you are about to watch. Seems Cubans aren’t really all that upset about Castro kicking the bucket.


Unless of course, Cubans tend to display their mourning by singing and dancing in the streets, and waving flags at four in the morning? Nope. There’s a banjo. They’re banging pots and pans. They seem REALLY happy.

Gee, maybe Fidel wasn’t quite the hero Geraldo portrayed him to be.

To be fair, he wasn’t the only leftist ‘journalist’ to get it wrong.

Here’s a screenshot from the LA Times (courtesy of Federalist Papers) before they deleted it.


Which was later corrected with this message: ‘We recently deleted a tweet that miscast the tone of the story. We will reissue an updated tweet shortly.’

A simpler ‘Former Cuban ruler Fidel Castro dead at 90’ took its place.

What’s with the left’s kneejerk impulse to praise bloodthirsty leftist dictators, anyway?

How does a ‘high literacy rate’ make the world forget about what he did to his political enemies? Beatings. Imprisonment. Starvation. Work Camps. Executions.

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