DEAR HILLARY: I Hear There’s A Job Opening In Cuba

Written by K. Walker on November 26, 2016

Cuba is in need of a new Dictator. Hey, Hillary! You STILL have a chance to lead a country!


According to her policies, Cuba is pretty much what Hillary wants the US to look like. Let’s take a look at why Hillary would want to step into Castro’s army boots:

– public health care

– great literacy rates

– freedoms that are not inherent but are limited and granted by the government

– everyone is equally miserable, except the elites that live off the backs of the people

– if there is any political dissent, you can follow the lead of the previous dictator and have them killed. (See ‘Clinton Body Count’)

– tight control on religious institutions and censorship

– she could create a new title for herself like ‘Dear Leader’, ‘Command-Her In Chief’ or ‘Mommy Dearest’

– the pantsuits could be camouflage

– her bouts of rage are an asset

Sounds like a utopia for Hillary!

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