HOOTERS FOR HILLARY: Bare-Chested Liberal Chicks BUSTED At Trump Polling Place

These two women go topless to protest Trump’s ‘misogyny’ and support Hillary. Yes, you read that right.


Two topless women stormed Donald Trump’s Midtown Manhattan polling place on Tuesday in protest of the Republican candidate.

The women arrived to [sic] the P.S. 59 polling site just after 8:15 a.m. and ripped off their shirts to reveal a message for the business magnate.

“Trump, grab your balls” was written in black paint across one of the protester’s bare chest and stomach. The other woman had “Hate out of my polls” written around her exposed breasts.

The disrobed demonstrators, identified by police as Tiffany Robson, 28, and Neda Topaloski, 30, weaved around the lines of voters in the school’s gymnasium, shouting “Grab your balls! Out of our polls!”
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Liberal protesters are confusing.

Hillary has played the woman card this entire campaign and has repeatedly tried to paint Trump as a misogynist.

These women come along and ‘protest’ Trump by baring their hooters.

Isn’t that what misogynists would want?

The women are part of an international organization called FEMEN, an organization that uses topless protests by women as ‘sextremism’ to push their ideology. FEMEN’s stated goal is the ‘complete overthrow of patriarchy’.


And this is done through topless protests.

Good luck with that.

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