MAKES SENSE: Hillary Ends HIDEOUS Campaign With Gaga in NAZI Pantsuit

Published on November 8, 2016

For once, Hillary’s Dr. Evil / Chairman Mao look has been upstaged by something even MORE grotesque.


It almost looks like Gaga is Trolling Hillary. The only thing missing is the ‘innocent’ question:

“Has anyone seen Kyle? Seen Kyle? He’s about this tall.”

Oh wait… the ‘this tall’ bit is covered.

What better way to usher in a political transition away from our Historical Constitutional Republic to the Aristocratic Oligarchy Hillary and her friends have been cooking up.

Any word from the media on this attempted ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of America?

Here’s media footage of one journalist embracing Hillary’s new era… (starting at the :30)

So while Obama travels the country ‘finding’ Klan members lurking behind every bush (has he checked in the Democrat membership lists?) Hillary has the fashion-forward proto-fascist look covered.

At ClashDaily, we like our readers, so we’ve done the hard work for you. We thought about adding in a video, but it was beyond horrible.

We watched it so you don’t have to.

You’re welcome.

If, however, you want to claw your ears off, here’s a clip.

(We didn’t have the heart to include the entire video.)


Kill it with fire.

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