IRONY: Castro Spent Entire Life Fighting CAPITALISM – Dies On BLACK Friday

Published on November 27, 2016

Hey Socialists: Fair warning. This one’s gonna hurt.

What was it about Castro that you loved? His standing up against America, and Democracy?

Then you won’t like this:


It might embarrass you that Fidel’s last public appearance would enrage the ‘no logo’ crowd.


Or that his net worth was estimated to be $900 million.


‘Eleven million Cubans as his slaves’ it says.


Liberals HATE child labor and don’t want to buy anything made from a company that might use it. And yet they can celebrate as a folk hero a guy who had more money than Clinton while treating his own citizens as slaves.

No wonder these same liberals spend millions buying up ‘Che’ swag. They have no sense of history. Or irony.

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